Saturday, November 19, 2011

30 Days Of Makeup: DAY 3


Ok! So todays question is Favorite Brand! And well.... I have 2! It's a tie!

So my first favorite brand has to be HARDCANDY!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this brand! Between their awesome packaging and the amazing prices, who can beat that??? Their face products rock my sox! And not to mention their awesome lip products! Sad to see the lip sticks go though! Booo! But I will say the quality of their products is amazing to the prices! DID I MENTION THE PACKAGING!!! haha!

Okay so my second favorite brand? Well actually its my tied first has to be NYX! Again the pricing on these products are amazing and yet they are very comparable to the more expensive brands such as UrbanDecay and Too Faced sometimes I would even say MAC! Their eyeshadows are by far my favorite! The Ultra Pearl Mania are too good to be true! The pigments are so fantastic and they stay on FOREVER! Not to mention blend VERY VERY WELL! These products are awesome and again pricing who can beat it! 

 And I cant fail to mention the dark horse coming up to tie these guys! GlamourDollEyes! Or GDE! This product was something I just happened to stumble upon and I have to say they are SOOO impressing me! I have come to be obsessed with the amazing pigments and the glitters! OH GOSH! To die for! Not to mention the prices again are so reasonable! (Can you tell the way to my heart! haha) They are coming up fast and soon to take the place for first in my opinion! So creative and so beautiful GDE is something to look for! You can find the link on my side page too if your interested in purchasing some of these awesome products!

 Well! Those are my faves and I hope everyone enjoys them as much as I do! Obviously these opinions are all my own and I can wait until tomorrows topic! YEAH!

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