Sunday, November 20, 2011

30 Days Of Makeup: DAY 4

Ok so today is all about foundation! The question is do I like to wear it or not? I would have to say that I go back and forth on this particular product. When I first started using makeup I LOVED it! I couldn't go a day without it! But about 4 years ago I stopped! All I would wear is bronzer and blush. I think its because I had finally worked my way out of my awkward teen years of blemishes and redness. But within the past year I have again began applying it on a daily basis. I know its not great for your skin to be wearing makeup all the time, but it makes me feel comfortable in my own skin!

So I guess the next question would be what color I wear? And well I break all the beauty rules by wearing a color darker than my natural color. I would say I am a straight ivory or even lighter most times of the year, but I usually wear a beige or nude color on my face and blend down into my neck. I am a huge bronzer fan and with my skin being soooo pale, it just looks strange to me to wear bronzer. There for I use a darker shade and just blend blend blend!

And last I guess its down to my favorite brands! And ITS A TIE! I know I'm horrible at picking just one of something! But I digress! 

Elf Tinted Moisturizer is most defiantly one of my tops! It's coverage is great! Long lasting and it has a silky smooth feeling when on! Not to mention its CHEAP! It's 3 dollars for one of these bad boys and they last forever! I actually have a few of these I always keep just in case something happens to one :D
Now this Nyx foundation is a little more steep in price but not compared to some of your higher end brands out there so I would say its right in the middle! Coming in at about 15 dollars a pop! But I am a big fan of their whole HD Studio line! Did I mention this foundation is AWESOME for pictures! Its got all the coverage you could want. I love this stuff, I have only ever owned 2 bottles but it does last forever so it's safe to say its worth the little extra it costs! 

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