Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kat Von D For Halloween

Ahhh, Halloween! Dressing up for Halloween can be alot of fun, but it can actually get pretty expensive. SO this year I
have decided that for my first year of Halloween on Youtube that I was going to be doing alot of looks that you can do
with just the tricks of makeup and not even need a coustume. This look is Kat Von D! With a little bit of makeup and not
much of a change in wardrobe(well at least not for me teehee) You can have an amazing Halloween outfit without breaking
your bank too look super cool! lol! I used this picture I found to inspire my look! What do you guys think? Pretty good

match? Well I hope you guys like this! You can upload a video or post a pic of your versions! I would love to see them :D

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