Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Glamour Doll Eyes Review

First off I wanted to state that I was a little scared to try these products at first... BUT I must say that I'm glad that I did. I didn't like how much product you were actually getting but after seeing the SUPER cute little jars and how much product(not to mention the quality) you get I was amazed! There products are awesome!

I purchased a whole ton of whites at first, and I got them in the sample jars, and they are amazing BUT I got any of the colors in the baggies and I wish I would have done this so differently! Two of the colors REALLY stood out to me! the Lovers Lane and the Pistol Pistol! Both are so Beautiful not to mention they practically turn into two different colors between wet and dry! I was in love!

I have to say hands down that these products are a 9/10! Bravo!

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