Thursday, November 17, 2011

30 Days of Makeup: DAY 1

The topic of the day??? When did you start putting on makeup?

Well its a very good question! But more importantly when was I allowed to wear makeup! Haha! I actually wore makeup for the first time my 7th grade year! I thought I was so cool going to school wearing a BRIGHT  Blue Nyx jumbo eyeliner pencil! The whole day I had people calling me a clown and asking if I was apart of the blue man group! So embarrassing! YIKES!

But I actually starting wearing makeup when I hit highschool. I was not allowed to wear it until then as it was. I think my mother was a very wise woman, from my blue experience. But highschool is were I really developed a taste for it. I was HUGE on doing things different. I wore BRIGHT purple eyeliner only on my lower water and lash line... (Back then, this was not instyle) But I kept on being different! I loved it and I know alot of girls who were actually excited to see what I was going to do differently everyday! I had a small following on my funky cool makeup! Didn't help in the boy department but hey! Life isnt about that :D

Anyways here is a picture of me in highschool if anyone wants to see! Lol

Ahhhh if only to be 16 again! LMAO! Teehee!

Thanks for reading ladies! And gents! Stay tuned for more 30 days of makeup!

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